Kim Deitch

Mr. Deitch currently has no unsold art on display.

·  '21st Century Saps' breakdown  SOLD!
·  '21st Century Saps' layout pages  SOLD!
·  A Face in the Echoes  SOLD!
·  Afternoon of a Pawn  SOLD!
·  'All Waldo Comics'  SOLD!
·  Animal Town  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' endpaper layout  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' front endpaper layout  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' layout page A  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' layout page B  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' layout page C  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' layout with ink  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' model sheet A  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' model sheet B  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' model sheet C  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard' model sheet D  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' credits page  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' frontispiece rough  SOLD!
·  'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' poster art  SOLD!
·  Comedy Thrills - 'The Mishkin File'  SOLD!
·  'Comics Journal' cover art  SOLD!
·  'Dougan Under Ground' cover art  SOLD!
·  Fowlton Means model sheet  SOLD!
·  Going to the Dogs  SOLD!
·  'Halloween' lithograph  SOLD!
·  Ham Fisher (two pages)  SOLD!
·  Kartoon Fever ad  SOLD!
·  'Lesbian Sex Scene' lithograph  SOLD!  (*)
·  Let's Talk It Over (from 'Dugan Underground')  SOLD!
·  'Like Ignacio ...' lithograph  SOLD!
·  'Milton' layout  SOLD!
·  'No Business Like Show Business' p.11A  SOLD!
·  'No Business Like Show Business' p.12A  SOLD!
·  'No Business Like Show Business' p.13A  SOLD!
·  'No Business Like Show Business' p.6A  SOLD!
·  'No Business Like Show Business' p.7A  SOLD!
·  Oliver Twist  SOLD!
·  Ray Charles  SOLD!
·  Saturday Night Punk Out  SOLD!
·  'Southern Fried Fugitives' design  SOLD!
·  'Southern Fried Fugitives' episode A  SOLD!
·  'Southern Fried Fugitives' episode B  SOLD!
·  'Southern Fried Fugitives' episode C  SOLD!
·  'Southern Fried Fugitives' episode D  SOLD!
·  The Coney Island Art Show  SOLD!
·  The Count of Monte Cristo  SOLD!
·  'The Mishkin File' inked rough  SOLD!
·  The Molasses Gang  SOLD!
·  The Moon and Sixpence  SOLD!
·  The Waldo Lowdown  SOLD!
·  Waldo shirt art  SOLD!
·  Waldo t-shirt design  SOLD!
·  'Waldo World' back cover  SOLD!
·  Waldo World recap page  SOLD!
·  West Point and the Honor System  SOLD!
·  'Wheel of Life' breakdown  SOLD!
·  Yellow Kid Whiskey  SOLD!

Kim Deitch

(*) = warning: this art has adult content

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