Comic Art Collective
How It Works

Find the art you'd like to buy, then submit the form at the bottom of the page. Your request will go directly to the artist, who will send you a confirmation. You send the money and your return address to the artist, who will pack and ship the art to your doorstep. Frame. Hang. Enjoy. And know that you paid less than you would've through a dealer, and that the artist gets more too.

There's no polite way to say this, so here goes: please don't buy art here if you intend to try to sell it on eBay (or anywhere else for that matter) at inflated prices. The works here are priced fairly because the artists want actual fans to be able to afford their art and enjoy it. And if anybody should be making money from the art here, it's the folks who actually slaved over it.

Comic Art Collective

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