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"PECULIA Panel - Ad for Evil Eye #1" is copyright ©2008 by Richard Sala.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

PECULIA Panel - Ad for Evil Eye #1
by Richard Sala

Here's an unusual and rare piece of art. This is the original art I drew for the catalog solicitation of the first issue of my comic book series Evil Eye. Fantagraphics needed an image from the comic, but I hadn't actually drawn anything yet! (The solicitation was done months in advance because the catalog had to be printed and distributed). So I drew up this panel from a story I had written but hadn't drawn yet. So - (besides the cover, which was done), this is the first drawing of the character Peculia. The panel was redrawn for the story in the first issue, but this one was always a stand alone panel which ended up stuck in one of my drawers. The panel measures approx 4" x 4" and it's on 6" x 7" bristol paper. There are some white-out touch-ups and corrections, but they haven't aged or chipped after all these years. Signed.


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