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"The Wall Street Fund Manager and the Jellyfish" is copyright ©2008 by Bob Staake.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

The Wall Street Fund Manager and the Jellyfish
by Bob Staake


I have no idea where the ideas for these personal drawings come from. maybe I saw a jellyfish. Maybe I saw a entitled Wall Street tool walking on the beach. Maybe I better stop putting mescaline in my coffee. Anyway, this one is in pen on lavish (and uber-swanky) white bond -- 4.5" x 5.5". buy it as a unique momento of a time when rich bastards wanted to get richer and richer -- and you can fantasize about picking up that jellyfish with a stick and slipping it into that tool's pants until the stingers send this jerk's nervous system into total collapse -- then the taxpayers can bail out his nervous system with a federal program. Sorry to vent. I'm still steamed. How to purchase: Send email to We will then provide you with total $xxx for the art, $5 for shipping.) Send payment via PayPal to Art is then shipped to you the next day. Totally easy/peasy, right?

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