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"Action Suits 7-inch - Art by Al Columbia" is copyright ©2008 by Eric Reynolds.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

Action Suits 7-inch - Art by Al Columbia
by Eric Reynolds

This is a 7-inch vinyl record from the now-defunct Action Suits. Don't have a record player? Who the fuck cares?! This has original front, back, and interior gatefold art by the great AL COLUMBIA. He even did the record label! Nobody ever saw this single because Pete Bagge didn't play drums on it, like he did our first four singles, all of which sold thousands of copies. It's a shame, because this is the nicest little art object of them all, and although he didn't play on the single, Al and I founded the Action Suits together and this is a cool bit of Columbia/Suits ephemera. The music includes two songs ("Glazed Donuts" b/w "Andy the Android") unavailable elsewhere, both performed and produced by the Suits and mixed by Steve Fisk. Price is $5.00 postage paid. BONUS: Spend over $50 on art and get this single FREE!


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