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"Bagge: Guiliani's No Jerk City" is copyright ©2008 by Eric Reynolds.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

Bagge: Guiliani's No Jerk City
by Eric Reynolds

This is a two page spread for the esteemed HUSTLER magazine, pencilled by PETER BAGGE and inked by ER. PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE BUYING THE BLACK-AND-WHITE ARTWORK ONLY -- I scanned straight from the mag simply because it fit on my scanner and the original doesn't. The original art is 14" x 17" and DOES NOT INCLUDE UPPER-RIGHT SIDE TEXT. That area is simply black. It's better. The piece is for a story about Mayor Guliani's attempts to get rid of the smut in Times Square and elsewhere. From the Nov. 1999 issue. If purchased, I can have Mr. Bagge personalize this item for you, in ink or blood.


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