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"Sketch For Robot Carpet/Rug Project" is copyright ©2008 by Bob Staake.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

Sketch For Robot Carpet/Rug Project
by Bob Staake

Big corporations pay me even bigger bucks to create all sorts of weird items. I can't for the life of me recall who the client was here, but in 2002 I was doing a bunch of drawings of robot-themed rugs and carpets (I have a stack of maybe 20 of these). Looking at 'em they really WOULD have made killer kid rugs, but they never happened (as far as I can remember). I should really do some of these up in color. In fact, you send me a rug, you provide the paint, you provide the big bucks and I'll personally paint one for you. Okay, maybe not. This pencil sketch is approx 4"x5".


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