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"Christian Science Monitor Sketch - Divorce" is copyright ©2008 by Bob Staake.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

Christian Science Monitor Sketch - Divorce
by Bob Staake

As everyone knows, I was first married in 1980 -- to one of the girls who starred in 'The Brady Bunch'. When we divorced, it was ugly -- pots flying, brandy snifters exploding, expensive pieces of heywood-Wakefield furniture suddenly and spontaneously combusting. There was nothing at all "amiable" about it, and to this day I still cannot believe I sawed her cat in half King Solomon-style -- and just to make a point (hey, I gave her the HEAD part). Anyway, I hate getting all nostaglic. Back to this drawing -- TOTAL fantasy! NOT REAL! Divorces only go down this way in cartoons -- and the Christian Science Monitor (great people, by the way). But this pencil drawing sketch -- call it approx 6"x5". Split the baby down the middle -- you take the dude, your wife take the chick. What do I care?


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