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"...PLEASE READ IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE BOB ART!" is copyright ©2008 by Bob Staake.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

by Bob Staake


A number of you have mentioned having problems buying my original art through CAC, so let us try and make things a little easier for you: If you find a piece of mine that you would like to purchase, please email the title of the piece, the price, maybe even providing us with a link to the art. We'll then respond back to you in an email with very simple purchase instructions. You'll be told to pay for the art via PayPal (payable to along with $5 for shipping (one drawing or 20,) then once the we receive notification your art will be shipped the next day. The old purchasing system required you to email CAC website owner Jeff Voris, but until he fixes the glitches in the site, a direct purchase through is now the only way to buy these pieces.

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Please note: when you click 'Buy some art!', this piece will be marked 'sold' and Bob Staake will contact you to arrange payment. Please respond within three days, or the art may be made available for sale again.

If you have a question about art from Bob Staake, mail us.

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