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"MAD Magazine - Awful L.A. Traffic" is copyright ©2008 by Bob Staake.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

MAD Magazine - Awful L.A. Traffic
by Bob Staake

Staake was born and raised in Los Angeles, so he knows a thing or two about the city's horrific traffic problems. In fact, in 1974 it took him 7 hours and 14 minutes to drive from Santa Monica to Venice -- and people could not believe that he completed the trip so swiftly. But we digress. Staake's MAD sketches and final art pop up less and less on the interwebs, so snag this one before MAD itself finally goes out of business. 7.5" x 10", pencil on white bind, complete with editing notes. How to purchase: Send email to We will then provide you with total $xxx for the art, $5 for shipping.) Send payment via PayPal to Art is then shipped to you the next day. Totally easy/peasy, right?


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