Mr. Hornschemeier currently has no unsold art on display.

·  Forlorn Funnies no.1: "No" spread  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.1: Bad bad man early sketch  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.1: Mr. Dangerous, page 18  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.1: Vanderbilt page 1  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5 It's Just So Cute  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Ditty and the Pillow Plane  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Dr. Rodentia  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Not Made for This World, pg6  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Not Made for This World, pg9  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Orange story, page 2  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Orange story, page 3  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Stupid Art Comics Are Stupid  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: These Trespassing Vehicles 5  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Underneath page 3  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Underneath page 8  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Vanderbilt page 3  SOLD!
·  Forlorn Funnies no.5: Whatever Dude in Love  SOLD!
·  Illustration: Koji Asano for Sound Collector AR  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: "Men for father" char  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.1, further into the recess  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.1, missing lectures  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.1, this was my mistake  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.1, uncle was an engineer  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.1, you do your best  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.3, dad?  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.3, enter the stronghold  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.3, gas station stop  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.3, I have to go too  SOLD!
·  Mother, Come Home: Sect.3, looks like a good place  SOLD!
·  Return of the Elephant, page 1 (title page)  SOLD!
·  Return of the Elephant, page 3  SOLD!
·  Return of the Elephant, pages 10 and 11  SOLD!
·  Return of the Elephant, pages 12 and 13  SOLD!
·  Return of the Elephant, pages 6 and 7  SOLD!
·  Return of the Elephant, pages 8 and 9  SOLD!

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