Chief Boomerang

Art by Tony Millionaire

Now available

·  A savory sundae  SOLD!
·  A Zoological Mausoleum  SOLD!
·  Animal rights reconsidered  SOLD!
·  Family tree  SOLD!
·  Going a-hunting  SOLD!
·  Got you!  SOLD!
·  It will never do  SOLD!
·  Mighty Mite and the shipwreck  SOLD!
·  Moose  SOLD!
·  Oh, glory!  SOLD!
·  Ouch!  SOLD!
·  Please, lady!  SOLD!
·  Shotgun  SOLD!
·  Sturdy fellow  SOLD!
·  The chase is afoot  SOLD!
·  The Heron  SOLD!
·  The robin sings  SOLD!
·  The salamander's tomfoolery  SOLD!
·  We'll do it  SOLD!
·  Wink your pistil  SOLD!
·  Yield, serpent!  SOLD!

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Tony Millionaire
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