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Molly Kiely

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Molly Kiely is an artist and cartoonist. Since 1991, she has written and illustrated a dozen or so comics including the Diary of a Dominatrix and Saucy Little Tart series and the graphic novels Tecopa Jane and That Kind of Girl.

She humourously explores themes of freedom of sexual expression and voluntary isolation from mainstream society. Fittingly, she spends most of her free time exploring the Mojave and Sonoran deserts by herself or holed up in her 1950 Roadmaster trailer northwest of Tucson, Arizona. She loves getting dressed up and has an overwhelming collection of vintage cookbooks.

And...she accepts PayPal! What a gal.

·  (Al Goldstein's) Screw #1410 cover [b & w]  SOLD!  (*)
·  ...breakfast?  SOLD!  (*)
·  ...everyone has a novel...  SOLD!
· the sand  SOLD!
·  Armstrong Linoleum [full colour]  SOLD!  (*)
·  back cover to That Kind of Girl [full colour]  SOLD!  (*)
·  Billie Holiday portraits  SOLD!
·  Blonde with riding crop  SOLD!
·  Boing  SOLD!  (*)
·  Brunette Babe Hatch Show Poster 14"x22"  SOLD!
·  Butte Valley Morning [full colour mini painting]  SOLD!
·  Cowgirl, Fuzzy Chaps  ($150.00)
·  cowgirl...  SOLD!
·  Crosses, Death Valley [full color mini painting]  SOLD!
·  Daisy Girl Pinup  SOLD!
·  Diary of a Dominatrix GN cover [full colour]  SOLD!
·  Etta James [full color]  SOLD!
·  Field Sketches: cactus in Tucson  SOLD!
·  Going Down?  SOLD!  (*)
·  Helen Humes  ($75.00)
·  hello...  SOLD!
·  Hotcha! Beatnik Pinup  SOLD!
·  My Life as a Footnote in Your Life  SOLD!
·  Nearing Talc Mines [full color mini painting]  ($20.00)
·  Nice Pants [full colour]  SOLD!
·  On Your Knees Boy cover [full color]  SOLD!
·  Pinup Girl Hatch Show poster  SOLD!
·  Princess Leia (from Star Wars) Has a Sleepover  SOLD!
·  Saline Valley 1996 [full colour]  SOLD!
·  Sam Beckett  SOLD!
·  Sarah Vaughan  SOLD!
·  Savannah the Porn Star Paper Doll [full colour]  SOLD!  (*)
·  Skeet Midden, East Palo Alto [color mini painting]  SOLD!
·  Tecopa Jane Hatch Show poster  SOLD!
·  That Way to Big Pine [full colour]  SOLD!
·  Vampirella trading card art [b&w]  SOLD!
·  Vroom! (Vintage Vespa)  SOLD!
·  yodelayheehoo  SOLD!

(*) = warning: this art has adult content

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